Removing Enable/Disable Macros Pop-up in Excel

By @swertel

Many of us write a macro to be used temporarily when creating a worksheet in Excel. Later, we delete the macro using the Tools–>Macro menu item (Alt+F8), but every time we open the file, a pop-up appears asking if we want to enable or disable macros.

The following is a step-by-step procedure to COMPLETELY remove a macro and therefore not get the annoying pop-up message.

To “cleanly” remove the macro:

  • Select Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11) from the Tools–>Macro menu. A new window appears. You will see several condensed menu items (in bold print) and probably only one (1) item that is expanded. It should be labeled " VBAProject ( yourfilename .xls) ." Within that item will be two folders: Microsoft Excel Objects–containing the number of sheets in the workbook and “ThisWorkbook,” and Modules.
  • Delete/Remove the modules folder. You may have to delete all the modules below the folder and the folder will then dissappear.
  • Exit VBA.
  • Save your Excel workbook.

You will no longer get the intro pop-up message to enable or disable macros when you open this file.