RIP Ahmaud Arbery

Folks, I debated whether to post this or not. It’s pretty raw with me. Mrs. Latexman and I had 1 child and adopted 4 more. We have 2 girls, 3 boys, 2 are black, and 3 are white. Everytime I see this video, I see my son jogging through our neighborhood, which he does from time to time. Ahmaud’s physique even resembles my son’s. Anyway, I’d love to have a good constructive discussion on this, if I can. I’ll try not to get too emotional if I post further.

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I’d risk an emotional outburst too if I write too much.
I can’t bear to watch the video.
And the conspiracy of these rednecks quickly organizing to do this - yeah I can’t find the words…
In some ways like the murder of Chaney and friends in Mississippi in 1964. Except this time the killers didn’t even have the shame to hide it - no, they recorded it themselves.
Gotta stop typing.

I wonder if the McMichaels had been drinking, especially Travis? I don’t recall seeing anything about that. Anyone recall anything on this?

Speaking of drinking, was Ahmaud just stopping for a water break during his jog?

Lawyer: Security video in Arbery case may show water breaks

Is everyone here comfortable with people:

a) going armed in public
b) attempting armed apprehension of someone they suspect of committing petty crime?

Both concepts scare the hell out of me. But then I live in a country where armed citizens are the exception.

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A couple of years ago I was driving through Idaho, an open-carry state IIRC.
I stopped at a restaurant and the proprietor was serving at the bar and wiping tables, with a Glock strapped to his hip. There was a strap on the holster. I waited for a moment for him to drift away out of earshot, then turned to my wife and son and explained what I’d observed. Better for them to know and tell me on their own if they were uncomfortable, than to notice it later without warning and overreact. We chose to stay, and found ourselves mostly bemused as we were served by our armed waiter.

Our conversation later after we’d left; mostly sad that people should feel the need.

Man who filmed Ahmaud Arbery shooting arrested; GBI says investigation wrapping up

I don’t see many further developments in this case now that William Bryan has been arrested. Bring on the trial!

Hopefully, something will happen in the investigation of why it took two months for arrests and charges to be made though!

Firearms are tools. However, civilians, even retired/ex police officers, should only use them to stop a deadly thread or serious felony, i.e. sexual assault and then only as a last resort. Read the situation and avoid confrontation whenever possible. Citizens arrest is a very sketchy area. If you catch someone doing wrong and they are willing to cooperate and wait for the police, fine. Otherwise, even without a gun you risk a charge of illegal detention or injury.