RIP Ahmaud Arbery

Folks, I debated whether to post this or not. It’s pretty raw with me. Mrs. Latexman and I had 1 child and adopted 4 more. We have 2 girls, 3 boys, 2 are black, and 3 are white. Everytime I see this video, I see my son jogging through our neighborhood, which he does from time to time. Ahmaud’s physique even resembles my son’s. Anyway, I’d love to have a good constructive discussion on this, if I can. I’ll try not to get too emotional if I post further.


I’d risk an emotional outburst too if I write too much.
I can’t bear to watch the video.
And the conspiracy of these rednecks quickly organizing to do this - yeah I can’t find the words…
In some ways like the murder of Chaney and friends in Mississippi in 1964. Except this time the killers didn’t even have the shame to hide it - no, they recorded it themselves.
Gotta stop typing.

I wonder if the McMichaels had been drinking, especially Travis? I don’t recall seeing anything about that. Anyone recall anything on this?

Speaking of drinking, was Ahmaud just stopping for a water break during his jog?

Lawyer: Security video in Arbery case may show water breaks

Is everyone here comfortable with people:

a) going armed in public
b) attempting armed apprehension of someone they suspect of committing petty crime?

Both concepts scare the hell out of me. But then I live in a country where armed citizens are the exception.

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A couple of years ago I was driving through Idaho, an open-carry state IIRC.
I stopped at a restaurant and the proprietor was serving at the bar and wiping tables, with a Glock strapped to his hip. There was a strap on the holster. I waited for a moment for him to drift away out of earshot, then turned to my wife and son and explained what I’d observed. Better for them to know and tell me on their own if they were uncomfortable, than to notice it later without warning and overreact. We chose to stay, and found ourselves mostly bemused as we were served by our armed waiter.

Our conversation later after we’d left; mostly sad that people should feel the need.

Man who filmed Ahmaud Arbery shooting arrested; GBI says investigation wrapping up

I don’t see many further developments in this case now that William Bryan has been arrested. Bring on the trial!

Hopefully, something will happen in the investigation of why it took two months for arrests and charges to be made though!

Firearms are tools. However, civilians, even retired/ex police officers, should only use them to stop a deadly thread or serious felony, i.e. sexual assault and then only as a last resort. Read the situation and avoid confrontation whenever possible. Citizens arrest is a very sketchy area. If you catch someone doing wrong and they are willing to cooperate and wait for the police, fine. Otherwise, even without a gun you risk a charge of illegal detention or injury.

Latexman, I hope your children are forever safe from the evils of racism. I think too many have underestimated the depth of racism in the South. This tragic murder highlights how much work we have to do as a nation.

White people are so tone deaf they cannot understand how racism impacts African Americans today. We don’t stop to consider how our actions, speech, attitudes, etc. impact African Americans daily. We will never know what it is like to live as African Americans do. Many of us will never know what fears and raw emotions you live with because of your children.

I think it is time we have a national conversation about our past, resolve to move forward, and then move forward towards an equitable future for all in the USA.



I just found this posted now.

I don’t think guns are the issue here. If the McMichael’s had attacked him with baseball bats, he still would have been in trouble. A couple of posters on TTAG have argued that had Ahmaud Arbery been armed, he would have been justified in shooting them.

Would gun control have disarmed the McMichaels?

A more serious issue here is the media-driven paranoia. Check out the documentary The Brainwashing of My Dad. This is up on YouTube, and you have to pay for it.

Hi RevDesigner,

Thanks for replying. I agree the McMichaels could have attacked Arbery in many, many ways. The root problem lies with the McMichaels. And, no, if gun control existed, it may not have disarmed the McMichaels. But, if gun control existed, and it prevented the McMichaels from having a gun that night, would Arbery’s chances of survival be greater than what they were? I think they would have been. How many Arberys must it take? George Floyd’s case, though different, suggests to me we are approaching or passing a tipping point. Will we do something before we have civil war? I hope so.

I looked at the previews. Yes, media-driven paranoia is very bad, whether it is spread by the organization’s owned by the 1%, or by everyone on the internet.

And, here we go again, folks. Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI. I’ve seen two videos. I’m anxiously waiting on the official investigation for the full story. I must admit I did not see any justification for multiple shots in his back in front of 3 of his 6 kids. Luckily, he is alive, but will he ever walk again? This is very disturbing, and Kenosha is burning! Outsiders are coming in with assault rifles and 2 people killed and 1 injured. Why? Milwaukee Bucks on strike! NBA playoffs postponed! It’s escalating folks, and the Feds are on the way to restore LAW AND ORDER. What can possibly go wrong now?

Arbery aside - guns remain an issue for me. There is a personality type that wants or needs to carry in public and that personality type is one I am not comfortable seeing with a gun. I guess that leaves nobody except those with a professional need to carry.

These recent incidents cause me great concern. We are on a slippery slope, in some cases almost treading to a police state. Is police training that absolute and bad? Their premise should be to de-escalate issues, not escalate them to the point that of shoot first, think later.

There are those in society who see their lot in life to cleanse the world of THEIR perceived evil. Unfortunately their perception of evil can include skin color, religion, financial status and a variety of other ill-conceived notions.

I am 80 miles from the Ahmaud Arbery incident. I wish I could say it was unique for the area, but is wasn’t…hasn’t been in the past and won’t be in the future. So sad for a supposed civilized society.

On a more personal note, my younger son married a black woman. They are great for each other and now have given my wife and me a beautiful bi-racial granddaughter. I have great concern for them and for her as she grows up. We have a society than claims enlightenment and tolerance, yet neither shows in practice.

As for guns…I own guns. I have them for one reason only…defensive protection of my family. There is no reason for offensive use of guns in our society. Not all gun owners are raving lunatics out to shoot anything that moves. I would never carry a weapon openly in public. That is an offensive statement of power and domain.

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Ron. I’m not a US citizen, so therefore not really in a position to voice my feelings, I do however understand what you are saying and can only agree with your comments. Unfortunately my own country (Australia) seems to be heading in a similar direction, however it seems our law enforcement is either vented more closely or better trained or a combination of the two.
I’m hoping it stays that way.


There is a back lane behind my house in Toronto, Canada. Across that is a college where the City of Toronto trains police. Doctrine, tactics and training in use of force by the police, is a civil rights issue. This must be done by responsible, accountable professionals.

Jeronimo Yanez, the office who shot Philando Castile, attended ‘Bulletproof Warrior’ training, which encourages police officers to shoot if they feel threatened. The course originates from Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, US Army Ranger, not a cop.

Howard…that’s part of the problem. Ranger training and police training should be entirely different and not crossed over. Rangers are not taught to talk, de-escalate or negotiate…they are taught to shoot to kill. In a defensive mode that’s ok for police. Not ok in an offensive mode. They need to learn the difference.