RIP Dusty Hill 😢

This is sad news. :cry:

ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill has passed away.

So much music came out of the same 3 members of ZZ Top for so long! Like, Legs:

Definitely sad news. As a Texan myself, I’ve always had an appreciation for that little ol’ band from Texas.

Dusty was always the sharp-dressed man, wasn’t he?

Does anyone know how well did their albums sell in Canada?
The name Zed-Zed-Top never had a very musical ring to my ears.

We’ve lost a lot of rock icons in the past few years. Dusty was certainly one. So much talent passed away…I hope some was passed on. I’ll crank up my Super Reverb and Strat and make a little noise.

@Ron some was passed on. In the early ‘90’s a buddy and me went to a ZZ Top concert. The opener was a fairly new band named, The Black Crowes!

Yep. Didn’t know the connection! Thanks. Rock on!

Am sending my Rickenbacker 360/12 for rehab this week. My son is the real musician. He actually plays gigs. I just make noise.