RIP Mike Halloran

Bad news folks, Mike Halloran (@MikeHalloran), a long time member of Eng-Tips and here at SimpliEngineering, passed away June 30, 2021. MIke was a well known Mechanical Engineer who “was revered for his engineering talent, machining, building, woodworking and repair of automobiles.”

Let’s raise our glass to a fellow engineer who has gone on before us. Mike, it may be a long while, but we’ll get to solve more problems together again.


Sad news. We have lost a friend and a valuable contributor.

So who used Mike’s handle yesterday in offering condolences for Gunnars passing???

You mean this one from June 21? That was 9 days before he passed.

You’re correct - did not look at the date. My bad.

Yes, Mike is truly a loss to us and the engineering community. He was a common sense engineer…unfortunately a passing attribute these days.

I inquired a few months back as to how he was doing but didn’t get a response.

I seem to recall his mentioning a bout with the big C. Sad to hear of his family’s (and our community’s) loss, he will be missed. Oh, and thanks for posting the link, Latex.

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Well, really sorry to hear that. I so much enjoyed his posts and could only be in awe of all the stuff he knew.