Rotate Isometric View

I am working on a series of isometric explosion drawings. I’ve done one explosion in the default isometric view, but now I need to do an explosion from the opposite side of the model. I’ve tried using the arrow keys and arrow keys, but that’s not helping. I need to rotate the view about the Y axis and then save the new view. How do I do that? It was a no brainer in NX, but I’m at my wits end here. I’m about ready to chuck this POS software out the window.


To rotate
Use the Alt key and click on the y-axis on your coordinate system icon (red, green, blue arrows, usually lower left) you model will spin about which ever axis you click by 15° (or whatever increment you have set in options)

To save view
In the “view orientation” select the “new view” icon (looks like a little telescope with and asterisk above and to the right) then just give a name. I would not "reset your standard views as JM suggested as it seems like you only need additional iso-type views

Above is a snippet.