Rubber Lined Slurry Pumps

Could somebody please explain to me the advantages, limitations and typical applications of using rubber lined pumps as opposed to using metal casing/impeller type configurations. Which is better and what are the guidelines that must be applied when deciding on these. My typical application is that I need to pump a -2mm sand/stone slurry. In addition to this, I also have to pump a -0.5mm sand/stone slurry. I have approached the OEM’s and they have made there suggestions, but I would like to obtain an additional professional opinion from the forum in this regard.


While each application is different, typically the rubber lined pumps become less desirable versus hard iron (or equivalent) casings as the solids in the slurry being pumped become 1-larger, 2- sharper, and 3- denser. The OEMs all have their rule of thumb. On a first pass, I would be of the opinion that your requirements would be suitable for a rubber lined pump.

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