Sage advice from an old guy

I was asked by management to repost this comment from another thread as it was felt it may assist some of our younger members.

"Guess as this is really aimed at new guys on the block, the advice given to me from my very first boss is worth a few moments in reading.

When I completed my apprenticeship nearly 60 years ago and it was policy that on completion of your apprenticeship you were to leave the organisation (NSW State Government), the parting words from my immediate boss was, “what ever you do from here, make sure you never burn your bridges, always leave any situation on the best of terms”.
This I have always born in mind, it had served me well and opened many doors. In my 50+ years of work, I have only been out of work on one occasion and that was very short lived once it was known I was available.

So the lesson is, doesn’t matter how tough it’s been, how you feel at the time - ensure you depart any situation with a smile and on good terms."


I too served an apprenticeship where at the end of the term you were fired and not allowed to come back for one year. I was given exactly the same advice " DONT BURN BRIDGES " . In the 51 years I worked until I retired in 2009 I have never been out of work for more than 3 days. And from time to time have worked for companies on more than one occasion.

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