Sales Resources - Suggestions Please

This year, I’ve taken on the role of managing the sales engineering group of my company (feel free to commence sarcasm, I have gone to the dark side) - an EPC firm. We typically focus on conceptual level engineering, proposal writing, etc. My background has chiefly been on the design side of the house (and have poked my share of fun at the sales team), but I’ve found the transition overall to be a smooth one.

Now that I’m more on the sales / business development side of the company, I’ve been looking for books or other resources to help broaden my thinking with respect to the “sales” aspect of the job: better interfacing with clients and potential clients, strategic planning based on market trends, and other similar “soft skills”. The technical aspects of the job, I feel, are generally well-in-hand for me. Any classes, seminars, etc. would also be welcome suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry to find this question so late.
Hopefully you’re still tuned in and interested in a few thoughts.

Trade shows, industry events, university presentations and such activities put you in contact with the public, your customers, colleagues, and other who are maybe incidentally associated with your industry. Any one of whom can be valuable at unpredictable moments.

Professional organizations need volunteers to do many things. Putting your name in can lead to activities that require you to explain, teach, and see different points of view where you thought the matter was settled.

These also all give a little publicity for the company, in the right circles.

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Thank you for the insight - both of your suggestions are extremely helpful. I have been looking at the trade shows and industry events we’ve participated in as a company to date and am looking to suggest some changes to better align with our business plan.

I had not considered the value of being involved in professional organizations, but that’s a fantastic idea.

Very much appreciated @SparWeb

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