SEABC - Certificate In Structural Engineering Program

Does anyone here have experience taking these courses either auditing, or taking 12 courses and getting the certificate? Did you find it was worth it? I feel like these are the types of courses I should be taking to bring my knowledge to the next level and would just like to hear from those who have done it.

Program description

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I haven’t taken it, it seems like a good option versus an M.Eng. program. I know the issue I hear most commonly is that the course selection isn’t focused enough or available enough if you try to pursue extra courses locally. Being able to watch live webcasts of the lectures seems like it would be the way to go, although I always wonder if I was to just allocate x number of hours a week to watching past AISC webinars, etc, if I would get the same/similar knowledge gain. Either way, I’m excited to see what the take is on this from anyone who has experience with it.

After reaching out to them, some interesting points were made in their email:

  • Out of province students are allowed to attend the webcasts.
  • The recorded webcast will be available after for viewing as well as live-viewing during the lecture.
  • Typical lecture times are Tuesday or Thursday, 4-6pm PST and 6:30-8:30PM PST.
  • Cost is typically $850-$950 (CAD) per course, minus $50 early-bird and SEABC member discounts.
  • 13 consecutive weeks, with a mid-term break at week 7.
  • Homework is submitted online, tests are supervised by colleague, etc.
  • Questions can be asked live during the webcast, or emailed to prof afterwords.
  • Auditing a few courses here and there is okay, so is going for the full certificate (no deadline to complete requirements for certificate).
  • No field trips or lab testing involved (although I saw in some of the course descriptions that they were mentioned).

Above is a snippet.