Seasonal Allergies 🥴

Oooof :woozy_face:

This weekend must’ve been the pollen-ocolypse here in NJ. Everything is dusted yellow this morning. This isn’t the worst I’ve ever had it but it is easily the 2nd worst springtime allergy wallop I’ve received. My seasonal allergies have never been consistent where I will be knocked to the floor one year and have absolutely no effect the next year or maybe two years.

Anyone have any tips beyond taking OTC Allegra, Claritin, etc.?

I use antihistamine eye drops. For me, they work better than any pill.

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I use Zyrtec. I get the brand name ones at Costco at a pretty good discount. I’ve tried the super cheap, generic Cetirizine. They work somewhat, but not as good as the brand name ones. I like Zyrtec because it does not make me drowsy, and I don’t woozily zone in and out when I’m not working or thinking hard.

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It was suggested by an allergist to change each year. I don’t do that, but that’s me.

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My eyes are totally fine. My kids have off-and-on eye effects from seasonal pollen, but I’ve only had my eyes effected one year that I can remember. This year it is all sinuses and nasal. My sinus under my right eye has been feeling explosive since yesterday afternoon even with antihistamines.

And the sinus discomfort is leading to headaches and just general woozy, out-of-it-ness.

It’s less about eye irritation and more about how the antihistamine is administered to the body through the eye instead of the stomach.

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Oh, I see. I didn’t even realize that was a thing! I thought you meant a general eye drop for eye irritants and I completely read over the “antihistamine” in your post. I’ll need to look into that.

It’s been a wet spring here in the PNW - we still are getting snow in the mountains, and rainfall nearly every day. The result is a lot of pollen coating the cars and roads, but very little in the air. Horrible for the fruit tree farmers, but nice for us snifflers.

You can also get nasal antihistamines (called Nazonex in Oz).

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So I went and grabbed some antihistamine eye drops after work yesterday and I gotta say, thanks :+1:

I wouldn’t’ go as far to say I feel like a million bucks, but I’d say a good buck-fifty this morning which is vastly improved.

@GregLocock I think the nasal might be my next venture. I was reluctant to go that route because I’d imagine using that on my young kids would be a…difficult operation compared to eye drops if they needed something.

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Eye drops are not for everyone. For those that have worn contacts, eye drops are easy. For many who have not, they can’t seem to find there eye.

Military-grade gas masks can be had from some surplus places, some with two-digit $ pricing. Might be alarming if seen in public but they must be able to sift out pollen.