Seasonal Allergies 🥴

This time of the year, fresh food is not very available, except the once a week harvest from my inside garden (greens, and a few strawberries). But I am not taking any antihistamines, and not having problems.

I’d like to learn more about your inside garden. That’s intriguing. I get veggies from the local King Soopers. I’m cooking beans, peas, stews, etc. It’s that time of year.

It is not that much of a garden, but it does make me a little happier. I started with bring in my pepper planes in the Fall, then it sort of grew. I then did prestart of my garden plants, which is a little early for now. Then I bought a hydroponics kit, which did not work. I reworked it, so now it does.
I now have aero-garden knockoffs.
The original hydroponics kit was intended to be like an aero-garden, with a aerator as such. The problem was the fishbowl air pump was not enough. I converted it to using a small water pump, into a manifold, to distribute the water. A little plastic tubing, and some brass tubing (which is formable), and a timer for the pump, and it is working.
It consisted of a storage bin, and had four holes in the top (and a drain in the bottom). The holes had baskets for the clay balls, and a seeding sponge.
Because the water was being directed over the sponge, for two minutes, every fifteen minutes, that worked when I added the seeds to the sponge.
The next trick was the balance of the feeding stuff. I had heard it is difficult to balance those. I also heard garden plants like manure tea. Then it came to me. Use an old sock filled with composted manure, and change the water weekly (using distilled water for balance).
This is getting long, but if you want to hear more I can go on.

Very interesting. It sounds big, or, at least, sprawled out. If a picture would do it justice, maybe upload one?

It’s not that big, but more of an experiment, because I can.
Also I find frequently that Walmart sells out of lettuce, and strawberries, so this is my attempt to go around that. I am not as successful as I would like, but if I can improve the value of this I will be closer. By value I mean quality, amount of produce etc.
The challenge so far is, besides extending the season of my pepper plants, is the limit on what I can grow. Strawberries, and greens are easy.

That’s interesting. I’ll have to think about some of that.

Neighbors on one side have encouraged me to start a garden for years. Now the other set of neighbors are going to start a garden this year so fully utilize their water (tired of watering just grass to cut). A garden will reduce the size of the lawn and grow food.

Mandy is the absolute best at growing veggies from eggplants to string beans. She began growing flowers a couple of years ago to make arrangements to give and sell. She’s very creative with her arrangements.

I need to do maintenance on my backyard and seriously contemplate doing a garden this year. Sometimes the produce put out is not the freshest in the West, which is true of the health food stores.

Pictures or it doesn’t exist. :laughing: