Shimming of Metal Assemblies and Fatigue


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I am looking for the help on choosing the shim material for the Aluminum (mainly 7000 and 2000 series).
Looked back on the previous programs 2000 aluminum sheets are used with the T3 heat treated.
Thinking over using GFRP shim on this assemblies, but strength and the Galvanic corrosion will not be there.


You might find the following document enlightening, this/similar subjects… in it’s own unique-way…

NAVWEPS 00-25-559 Tips on Fatigue…
(This document is a free download.)

The embedded humor makes the subject digestible and adds to the learning value. I like to recommend this document because these issues have been around decades.

NOTE: Some of the figures, cartoons, sketches, etc in this document have shown-up in other/similar documents [especially for training purposes].