Should I reduce soil strength for non-liquefiable soil

If my liquefaction analysis indicate the soil will liquefy, there is enough research there to estimate my residual strength after liquefaction.

However, if my liquefaction analysis indicate my soil won’t liquefy (FS>1), should I also reduce my strength? FS>1 may still suggest partial liquefaction, and certain level of exess pore pressure has built up. Is this worth to consider? Any reference?


Look at paper by Marcuson et al (1990) where they provide guidance on shear strength based on Factor of Safety (>1.0) against liquefaction

Marcuson, W. F., Hynes, M. E., and Franklin, A. G., 1990, “Evaluation and Use of Residual Strength in Seismic Safety Analysis of Embankments,” Earthquake Spectra, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 529-572.

Above is a snippet.