SimpliEngineering Press Release!

Members, feel free to cut/paste this when telling other engineers about SimpliEngineering. Post this in other locations where you meet and talk with other engineers:

If you are an engineer, or engineering student check out

About Technical Forums for Engineering Professionals. Engineers answer questions asked by engineers. Discussions also include current developments in engineering, science and technology, issues of public safety, and the standard of living of our society. This site also welcomes engineers from around the world. Everyone is welcome to read the discussion. Members can post questions and answers. The discussions are organized by engineering discipline. Engineering students are encouraged to participate.

David Murphy, creator and founder of Eng-Tips Forums has acquired this new and exciting platform for engineers to meet and discuss technical issues related to their work. “I’m excited about this new platform welcoming students, and having all the modern features you’d expect from a social site - private messaging, native mobile site, keyword tagging, modern styling, and most of all - run by engineers.”

David is married with four children, and lives in the Detroit, Michigan area.

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