SimpliEngineering Site

It looks like the site is slowly starting to come alive… It’s improving daily.


Speaking of the site coming alive, I’ve been wondering if @SimpliEditor is some sort of bot transferring selected threads from ET, or if there is a person behind it? I would think it is a person, but the posts seem a bit…formulaic.

Just curious as the recent activity caught my eye.

I’m not sure, but, I doubt it. The site, although it occasionally references ET appears to be a ‘critter’ of its own. It seems to be improving daily.


Hi, I have been using E-T and just realized that the same good engineers are here as well (I just Ron’s signature included a link to this site) ! I have been learning a lot from E-T thanks to your insightful posts. Looking forward to talking to you !!

Where? I missed them. Just jokin’ and welcome… It may take a bit of time, but the site has great potential.