Single Malt

From the Atomic Scientists…

" Scientists with only the pursuit of truth in mind have proven—through meticulous radio-carbon dating and no tasting at all—that half the bottles of expensive aged Scotch whisky they tested weren’t as old and valuable as purported. Researchers from the Radiocarbon Lab at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre in Glasgow, Scotland used the amounts of radioactive carbon-14 in various Scotches that they absolutely did not sample to determine whether the whiskies were made before or after large-scale above-ground testing of nuclear devices began in the 1950s and 1960s."

I’m still not going to switch to Tequila…


Man! Can’t trust no-one these days…

Or our understanding of how electrons move through the Earth in search of a good whiskey is under-theorized. I smell a paper the likes of Pons and Fleishmann would have only dreamed of!

Tequila is some rough stuff. Have you ever seen a GC analysis of tequila? Many peaks everywhere! The fusel oils guarantee you a hand over.

I’ve always thought of it as ‘cactus piss’…


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Reminds me of an old joke…

This old guy walks into a bar and asks for their finest 40 year old scotch. The bartender looks at him and judges that the guy’s not a scotch aficionado so throws him a shot of bar scotch.

The old guy tosses it back, gasps and exclaims, “that tasted like bar scotch, I’d asked for 40 year old scotch.”

The bartender thinks, maybe this guy is better than he looks and throws him a shot of 20 year old scotch. The old guy tosses it back and comments, “That was better, but it’s not 40 year old scotch.”

The bartender, realising that the old guy must know his scotch, throws him a shot of 40 year old scotch. The old guy tosses it back and expresses his gratitude for finally tasting the good stuff.

A drunkard at the bar was watching this with amazement and grabs a shot glass and whizzes into it and puts it before the old guy. The old guy quickly throws it back, chokes and exclaims, “that tasted like piss.”

The drunkard replies, “Ya, but how old?”


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