Sketch Drafting Formula Question

I have two questions:

First, I am trying to learn how to make a dimension a function (or percentage) of another dimension. I’ve never dealt with formulas in NX yet, and want to take my game to higher level. I’ve attached a basic picture to help. We have an overall 11.50", and there are bolts located at 3.75 from one edge. I’d like this dimension to change if the 11.50" dimension changes. Say .35 * 11.5, but not sure how to write in there.

Second, Is there an option within the formula to make a dimension relative to the length of the body that my sketch is on?


First, p1811 is the name of the dimension that drives the 11.5 dimension. In the dimension that you want to be variable (let’s say p918), edit the value to read “p1811 * .35” (no quotes).

Second, It depends on how the model was built. Is there a single sketch or expression that drives the overall length? If so, you can reference that expression. If not, you can create an associative measurement and reference that instead (the measurement will need to be created before the sketch that references it).

Above is a snippet.

@cowski, Thank you for using forums to help this other member.