Skylar deleted one of my threads in ET and I'm confused

Skylar deleted the 2020 Joke Thread. Could someone in the know, help me understand this please?

I would not be surprised if there were a red flag from someone who thought it was offensive or it was a preemptive deletion to avoid a complaint it almost certainly would’ve gotten eventually.

It certainly wasn’t the “cleanest” of joke topics.

True. It’s been discussed in the past (2009), I checked, and Casseopia even expanded the topic, so I thought it was safe. There is much worse in the archives. Things have changed. Skylars new, but have “we” changed? Have “we” changed because of Skylar’s presence? Could be. There were 4 red flags. On which post(s), I don’t know.

Human psychology, not an exact science, but an interesting one.

To be honest, I don’t know who Skylar is. I assume a new moderator or owner of ET?

If so, did this person lay down stricter guidelines than past moderators? I didn’t necessarily see anything specifically violating ET’s posting rules in those jokes (and being in the Pub, I figured they would get a pass anyway), but if someone flagged it, that would be the explanation that would make the most sense to me.

Can you re-post it here? I’d like to know how offensive it really is…


I was a moderator in the ET pub for a while and quit because several of the jokes were flat-out offensive, but people got all het up when I called them on it. It wasn’t worth my time or energy and I clearly wasn’t going to change any minds. Up until that point, ET had been a source of learning, enjoyment, and camaraderie, but having to try and explain AGAIN why certain jokes are not ok just wore me out.

And before anyone asks, it was a “joke” about rape that finished me.

Let’s see what it is… so I can make up my own mind… I have a strong social conscience, but, don 't offend easily… I’m into education and not banning.


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I thought Skylar would have been in touch with you directly by now. Has this not happened?

“The rules” aren’t written, are they? So Skylar may suddenly delete anything that’s red-flagged, period. Your tenure as moderator AKA “bouncer” may be over.

I suggest you bring up the issue, in your usual diplomatic way, on the ET Round Table. And/Or send her an e-mail to discuss how she wants to manage these issues.

[what a weird thing it is to be using one forum to discuss a discussion on another forum which is about the management of the second forum…]

It’s not the kind of joke I’d tell at the office - though I would tell it in the shop… Ahhh context.

Just FYI, Skylar is the new community manager. She was introduced by Jon Baldesarra last month.
We don’t know much more than that.

Her words: “Previous to joining the team, I worked in the technology industry - mostly developing and fostering online community engagement and programs.”

@SparWeb Can you post it to me privately…


I’d rather the conversation be open and in the RT, so everyone can get a read on her, but she e-mailed me right away. I gave her my cell and said I’d like to talk. I wanted to know how the 4 red flags were distributed to the joke and cartoon, but she ignored that and still used e-mail.

She apologized for not reaching out prior to deleting. I’ll take that to mean next time will be different. I think she’s learning the ropes and the rules as we go along; not much training or direction. She’s definately playing close to the vest right now.

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