Slotted Holes in Beam Flange

I am contemplating a beam connection where one W section beam bears on top of another W section beam.

My question is:
Can a fabricator cut a short slot or long slot hole in a beam flange? The slot could be parallel or perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the beam. Maybe I could make the lower beam a H-pile section, which would give a flatter flange?

Additionally, the inside portions of W-Section flanges get much thicker as they approach the fillet and web (the bolts always require beveled washers). The HPile flanges have a consistent thickness. I was thinking it might be easier to punch a slotted hole on the HP flat surface versus the varying thickness of a W section flange…


For S beams I agree, but both WF and HP sections have a constant flange thickness up until the start of the fillet (k1 in the AISC manual). Just make sure you pick a section with a flange wide enough for the slot & bolt to stay clear of the fillet.

Above is a snippet.