Smoke from Wildfires

Seattle, Portland and San Francisco rated as the three worst cities in the world for air quality today! Outside sucks right now. Rated as unhealthy in Everett right now.


They can’t be very “happy” here:

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It’s worse today than yesterday. Cannot go outside. Should be better by Tuesday, hopefully.

I heard on the morning’s news it will get worse before it gets better, maybe clearing out next weekend. We can see the haze looking across about 120 ft of the shop here in Woodinville.

Green fog is not cool. Have to use my N95 whenever I go outside, and that is rarely right now.

Hopefully better by Thursday with thunderstorms, wind and rain, and rain on Friday and Saturday.

My eyes are burning slightly working in my office right now.
Here is a good site to monitor the fire & smoke.

I live in Southern Indiana and I saw the smoke roll in last night about an hour before dark fell. It was so dark it looked like a rainstorm coming in.

This morning I was thinking the same, but I come to find out the remnents of Hurricane Sally is passing through. Rain and wind.

Air quality index dropped 80 points in 4 hours to a moderate 66. Rain and a little wind.

It’s not good along the Front Range either. We’re getting smoke from states further West. Sure hope the weather patterns change and we all get enough rain to put them out.

Down to 26 this morning. I can breathe again!

It goes as far as Alberta

At the moment we’re at 30. Noticeably different than 500+. Worst air in the world for a few days.