Snake Surprise

Son #3 got a surprise last night taking out the garbage. About a 5’ snake was perched on a post on our garbage/recycle bin storage area:

Good thing he saw it before he got close. He was very excited when he ran inside to tell me. We knudged the snake off his perch and he slithered back to the woods.

Photo’s no hell, but, the snake is really neat. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, that’s all the flash my iPhone would do late at night.

Some engineers still use ‘real’ cameras.

Just got rid of my Nikon S9900. My grandson was taking photography as one of his school courses and I sent it to him. Picked up a Sony a6000 and have never been happier; it’s a great camera… they are both small cameras. Use the Sony more than my Canon 7Dii… half the size and 1/3 the cost.


So you found the one I put there?