Socket Weld Interpretation

B31.3 states that non-fusion is not allowed in the weld. My question is, if you are X-Raying a socket weld for gap and find that the weld has non-fusion, does this become a weld quality item that should be repaired accordingly?


If the RT criteria is that socket weld gap is greater than or equal to X, there is no Code basis to reject it based on LOF, porosity, etc, if it met all other visual and NDE requirements.

What informational RT’s do, if they land in the client’s hands (or the client catches wind), is give them firepower and cause behind further investigation. Sometimes it’s simply an isolated bad weld, other times, it’s a portal into a world of gross negligence and non-conformances by a vendor. As such, it’s typically handled on a case-by-case basis.

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