Software 'Zoom'

Popular software… gone from 10M users to over 200M users during the coronavirus. There are, however, serious problems. From the intercept…


Schools in New York City are moving away from using the video conference app Zoom after a review of security concerns.

The city’s Department of Education is directing schools to “move away from using Zoom as soon as possible,” Danielle Filson, a department spokeswoman, told CNN in a statement.

Wow, there a surprise :)

For businesses requiring secure communications, probably not a good choice. Worked fairly well for the special speaker for my wife’s Bible study group, though. :smiley:

Encryption is not overly secure, it’s OK, but keys have to legally be able to be handed over to government inquiries, including the Chinese government. With the coronavirus, there has been in increase in use from a few million to 200 million.