St1100 - german designation - what kind of steel is this

I’m looking for the kind of steel (QT most likely, TRIP, CP or DP, …) that this is. Should be an fy (Rp,0.2) = 1100 MPa steel.

When I google for St1100, all I get is Honda motorcycles (the same type I got, amongst others…).

Does any of you have access to the Stahlschlüssel (key to steel) and can tell me the werkstoffnummer? With that, I can look further.


Werkstoffnummer is 1.8942 for quenched and tempered plates………

For thermomechanical rolled sheets I did not find the Werkstoffnummer…

Please note that st1100 is not the correct designation. The very old german designation St37, St52, … was related to the minimum tensile strength, not the minimum yield strength. An meanwhile also historic designation related to the minimum yield strength was STE1100. The actual correct designation according EN 10027-1 is S1100 followed by different letters for delivery condition, toughness Level,…
E.g. S1100Q for quenched and tempered steels, S1100MC for thermomechanically rolled steels for cold forming.
Actually there is no EN-standard for plates in S1100.

Above is a snippet.