Staggered Pour for Liquid Retaining Structure

Where can I get this reference about staggered pour and to wait 7 days between pours for water retaining concrete tank that is long (200+ ft)? I tried looking for it online but can’t find where it came from.


We limit our pour lengths to 25’ too but we require 14 days between adjacent pours. I would highly recommend not pouring a 100’ long wall in one continuous pour. I’m not sure if these requirements are from some code or if it’s just years of experience. My company has literally done 100’s maybe even 1000’s of water retaining structures and this is the practice we use. We limit wall pour lengths to 25’, provide a waterstop at the joints and require a wait time of 14 days between adjacent pours.

Commenting on this table:

For our 25’ wall segments, we use a minimum reinforcing ratio of 0.0030 per the table. The note says the table applies to “full contraction” joints so in our interpretation our construction joints are contraction joints.

If I had to guess why we limit the pour length to 25’, I’d say it’s so we can provide minimal reinforcing (0.0030 unless more is required per analysis) and not be at the upper limit of these requirements.

Above is a snippet.