Standards for Small General Aviation Aircraft

I’m having trouble finding the right information. I want to understand what standards must be complied with if I was to design a camera system for use in small general aviation aircraft. If I understand things correctly, an STC is needed for any modifications to the airframe, though must the equipment used in the aircraft comply with some standard?


Equipment can be certified for installation on a non-interferance basis. It’s generally reserved for equipment that actually plays no role in operation of the aircraft.

Meeting DO-160 is probably a good starting point.

There are FAA Advisory Circulars that describe the STC application process. At one time, it was possible to do something like that on a Form 337 too. I don’t know if that is still a possibility.

If you plan to sell this equipment, vs. modify one airplane you operate you’ll need to consider aircraft parts manufacturing approval.

How the aircraft will be operated also matters, operation under CFR Title 14, part 91, Part 135, part 121, as an experimental? It all matters.

Above is a snippet.