Starting piano again

Starting piano lessons again after 55 years of lapse.

Initially took 5 as a teenager but had to give it up in college - too much time.

Not that I have the time now… I just have a need.

Boy am I rusty though!

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Getting the band back together!

I was in a pep band in high school in my senior year too. Taught myself to play the Baritone Wish I had one that all four years. That was a lot of work, but really, really fun.

Congratulations! Keep it up. I played for years and regret stopping due to workload.

Didn’t have time for music… was out at the range 3 nights a week… punching paper.


Dik… I did that too in my junior and senior year in college.

Currently, I am learning to play piano with my 22.

@MSQUARED48 I’ve repaired a few uprights… but, none with bullet holes…


You might enjoy this read for extra motivation: Link. I picked it up after listening to an excellent podcast interview of the author. I got it on my Kobo (Canadian Kindle) and so dodged the small print issue that everybody bitches about.

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I played for 10 years when I was a kid, gave up in my teens (big regret), and picked it up a little bit again 5 years ago hoping my kids take an interest. I just picked up my old books which my parents held on to and retaught myself some of my favorite songs though, so I’m not getting lessons again.

Edit: I may consider doing lessons again with my kids if they do choose to play. My mother did that with my brother and me when we learned and it was fun with all of us doing it together.

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I’d consider lessons for guitar because I’ve not played that in so long. I don’t remember enough. I still pick up my trumpet every now and then. I sure don’t have the embouchure for it any longer. It’s always good for the soul.

I am really having a hard time wrapping my mind around the Circle of Fifths which is a very basic tenet of music theory. I may have to wait until the resurrection to understand it. :worried: