Steel IMF at Roof Level

I’m working on a single story structure in seismic category D using steel intermediate moment frames. I’m interested in using the bolted flange plate from AISC 358, chapter 7. The issue I’m running into is that all of the figures (for this and all other prequalified moment connections) show floor level connections with the column continuing above. My questions are these: (for two sided connection) can my top continuity plate be continuous over the top of the column, bolted to the top flange of both beams and welded, per AISC 341 E3.6f(3), to column flanges with CJPs and the web with fillet welds? And (for one sided) can it run over the top of the column stopping at the column flange opposite the connection? Of course the goal is to maintain prequalification. It seems like this meets the letter of the law for the connections, but I can’t get over the fact that non of the illustrations or examples consider this condition. Any help would be appreciated.


Yes, take a look at AISC 358-10 figure C2.2, in the commentary. shows the exact connection you are questioning. The cap plate should be design to develop beam flange forces.

Above is a snippet.