Students are Welcome


We are glad you found Simpli Engineering, and pleased to help answer your question, but please take a moment to think about what you’re writing before hitting the “Create Topic” button.
Here’s what what we expect:

  • A clearly asked question
  • How you have tried to solve the problem so far
  • Enough context that the answer can be given briefly and specifically
  • Engagement with the respondents when they take a genuine interest in your work
  • a “thank you” when your problem is solved

What you can expect from us:

  • Insight, experience, and advice you can use, when we know what you want
  • Humour, but only when appropriate and respectful
  • Reluctance to teach you the entire subject of “X”

You could see it as a shame that we need to write out rules like this, but may I offer another way to look at it: Many problems, when properly stated, can suggestion their own solutions. The way a question is asked can either limit the usefulness of the answer, or it can be so broad as to invite too many possible answers to be processed. Asking good questions is hard!

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I don’t even get that from ‘real’ engineers…



Hi Dik,
High aspirations, for sure. I’m more concerned with offering the ideal answer I’ve promised.


Wasn’t a criticism… and ideals are much welcome in this world.



The person asking should at least demonstrate that they have in fact done some research on the question and give some brief insight to what that was.


Thank you Artisi,
Your suggestion has been incorporated.