Students Posting in Engineering Tips

If you see a student posting at ET, please advise them that students are welcome at SimpliEngineering. This will give them an option to get the help they need and may get them off ET without a red flag. Thank you.

I was busy with a family issue last week and missed this opportunity with VikNat, but I told a different student a while back and it worked out just fine.

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@zeusfaber I heard you hang out a ProjectBoard quite a bit. Do you think the engineering students (with reasonably intelligent questions) are better served at ProjectBoard or SimpliEngineering?

I’m happy either way with your answer and just trying to learn.

Thank you.

Interesting question. ProjectBoard attracts a really eclectic mix of contributors - and that applies equally to the passing trade and to the regulars. It doesn’t carry much of a core of experienced engineers - but many of the contributors don’t really need that.

There are certainly a few people (including some students) who would benefit from exposure to a panel of experts. I’ll keep my eyes open and maybe do a bit of subtle redirecting. Alongside those people, there are lot of others.

Lots of the students just seem to want a bit of encouragement and validation - and probably get it from PB in a way they wouldn’t at SE (where I don’t see much of a culture of earning Likes simply for posting). There’s also some students at PB who are starting to take community leadership roles there in a way they would find harder here.

Alongside the students, there’s a mix of everyone from young folk starting to explore whether technology is a thing they want to do, and whether it can offer answers to their concerns, right through to much older people with a wide array of strange ideas and beliefs they want to showcase.

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Thank you for the insights. I also gave you a “heart”. :)

Are you the Wizzard of Oz?.. I’m looking for a brain…


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Just hearts here. Just hearts.

Outta luck, it would appear.


Getting back on track, my hunch is the engineers at SimpliEngineering will be thrilled to help students with homework and projects. Students have a “targeted” and “safe” home to talk in, and incredibly knowledgeable engineers to help and guide them.

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