Surface profile at MMC

I have a project involving two irregular shapes which must fit inside each other without interference. I’m trying to figure out if I have the GDT notation correct. The attached picture should explain itself. Anyone care to offer a suggestion?



  1. When Profile control is specified without datum references, it will control the form only. For your irregular complex feature surface application, I will recommend to specify with datum references since it will control the size, location, orientation and form.

  2. Profile tolerance may be combined with positional tolerancing where it is necessary to control the boundary of the feature, ASME Y14.5M standard Fig 6-19 is an excellent example on your application.

  3. You need to add an “all around” symbol on bend of the leader line to specify the profile tolerance zone covers all surfaces around the outline of the feature.

  4. Material modifier MMC is not allowed here, but it is allowed on datum.

  5. To avoid the interference, I will recommend:

  • To choose unilateral inside tolerance for male part.
  • To choose unilateral outside tolerance for female part.

Above is a snippet.

SeasonLee, Thank you for the very thorough and thoughtful reply. And, thank you for using forums to help others, learn, and share.