Temporary Shoring

I recently designed a rather tall masonry bearing building (you can find threads on this somewhere in the forum). Now the client is beginning to plan out the construction process. During a job meeting (which I did not attend, not was I required to or contract to attend) the architect volunteered for the structural engineer (me) to review the shoring plans for the masonry wall during construction.

This make me a little cross. On our drawings we specifically state that shoring of the wall is up to the GC, and that shoring should only be removed once the walls are in place. I am not really qualified to review their plan for shoring (as I have never done shoring design in my life). While I am happy they actually have a plan, I do not want to include any type of standard “reviewed” shop drawing stamp on the plan as I do not want to attract any liability on my end. I am wondering if anyone else takes a similar stance in that shoring of such walls is the responsibility of others or if I am just being obtuse?


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You need to communicate with the Architect and GC in writing and educate them The Architect cannot contract, or volunteer, you to do something you have not agreed to, even if you do not mind doing the shoring review. Was there something in your design that required special consideration during construction though?

I agree with Msquared48, but there is another issue with regard to the EOR designing or reviewing temporary bracing after the contract has been awarded; and that is the Contractor may feel that the EOR is being overly conservative with his requirements, adding to the cost of building the item to be braced. The Contractor may prefer to retain his own engineer to design and take responsibility for shoring and bracing.

BAretired is correct that the EoR may be overly conservative.
Engaging an engineer well-versed in Temporary Structures & Lateral Bracing may result in a more appropriate bracing design from a macro perspective.
However, as a structural engineer who does this kind of work, I may not be aware of miniscule aspects of the wall’s design that the EoR knows far better. I want the EoR to be aware of, and evaluate, any forces the bracing may apply to the wall resulting from the bracing’s design loading.