Terrain roughness Zo

Does anyone know of a calculation method for Zo roughness, or some good photographic examples?

Terminology varies depending on the application. In some contexts “roughness” is alpha, and “Zo” would be height of a measured wind speed data set. I believe you are referring to a context that uses different symbols, but does the same thing.

You might like this website:

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I was actually looking for the website where I discovered a spreadsheet that has the calculations built in. I thought it was on Paul Gipe’s Windworks, but perhaps not.

I downloaded a copy for my own use.
If you’re looking for wind turbine sites, I can upload a copy of it here for you.

Sparweb, I didn’t know that roughness could be alpha, in my part of the world it is Zo, however having it called alpha creates a new area for me to search, I assume wrongly that everyone would call it the same.

Your references are very helpful as well and yes if that spreadsheet is fair to share than I would love a copy.

Ok alpha and Zo are related but no the same. And there are two Zo for wind turbine analysis which makes it confusing.