Thank you to SlideRuleEra!

@SlideRuleEra, thank you for helping build the forums by promoting them on your excellent site

Mission Statement:
The purpose of this website is to make available engineering
information in the following categories:

  • Out-of-Print Material that may be Useful when Working on Existing Facilities
  • Older, Usually Conservative Methods of Solving Technical Problems
  • Public Domain Documents that have Limited Availability

In Summary, Information on this Site is Difficult to Find Anywhere Else

Thank you!

And, and “thank you” in advance to other engineers who help build these technical engineering forums by telling other engineers and using their websites (if you have them) to promote

@SlideRuleEra Much Obliged!!!

I am a hoarder of “old information” too. I mean, once you know it’s right, keep on using it, right!

Thanks SRE, from another hoarder of “old information”. Thank God for electronic files. There’s nothing like having hard copies but my wife would kill me if I put any more paper files and books in my home office. :rofl:

You are welcome. It’s been 15 years since the website began; starting with scans of info from my father and uncle. Bridgebuster was the first outside contributor - many thanks.

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