The Excel CAMERA Feature can give you a DYNAMIC LINKED PICTURE from Anywhere in Your Workbook!

Once you know about it, have it in your toolbox and focus your efforts, you will develop ways to use Excel’s CAMERA!

What you get is not just a picture. A picture is static. The CAMERA gives you a DYNAMIC LINKED PICTURE. As the range linked to the picture changes, so does the picture; both the content and the size of the picture. What a way to widen your field of view!

So how can this be used?

Suppose that you have a summary sheet with a bunch of small dissimilar summary tables. You want to have 3 or 4 tables, but the columns just don’t match up nicely. Well just as you might with several chart objects, you can also use several camera pictures placed wherever you want and each linked to a source table on another sheet.

Suppose you have a sheet with a multi row heading area of summary values and the columns of the data area below it, again does not match the data in the complex heading area. You can use the Camera feature for either the heading area or the data area, or both.