The new television: Youtube

I’ve been seeing a growing number of channels with professional content and intelligent discussion on Youtube. (kind of the thing promised by television but rarely delivered) It seems YT got a lot of grief for crazy misinformation during the pandemic, like most other social media, but in YT’s case they seem to have cracked down.

So if you have some free time and are looking for something new to watch, you can cancel your Netflix subscription and turn your attention to channels that should interest engineers. Perhaps you are making a New Year’s resolution to stop watching so much television, so this is perfect because YT isn’t television but you can still enjoy it from your couch.

General Science, Engineering, Physics and Society:
Sabine Hossenfelder
Joe Scott

Science and Mathematics:
Kathy Loves Physics
3 Blue 1 Brown

EEV Blog

Shop Manufacturing:
Applied Science
This Old Tony
Welding Tips And Tricks

Mentour Pilot
C.W. Lemoine (Mover)
Alex Praglowski Aviation

Any other recommendations?


I did not know this. while I’m not a YT subscriber, this information is good to know for possible future YT subscription. Thank you

You can watch without being a subscriber…
But expect more ads, and obviously requests to join.

I forgot “Smarter Every Day”

I would add:
General Science
Tom Scott
The Royal Institute
Smarter Every Day

The History Guy

Mind Your Decisions
Stand Up Maths

Joe Pie
Breaking Taps
Stefan Gotteswinter
Ron Covell

Makers and Doers
Colin Furze
Jimmy DiResta
Lock Picking Lawyer
Alec Steele

I found some of these by recommendations from others, and some more just by clicking on links that the YouTube algorithm suggested. When I find channels I like, I subscribe to them.

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The first video I randomly click on to watch and he breaks his cutter. Not just a cheap old one, but something with inserts that costs about 1000 USD. Not just the insert, but the body that mounts the insert.
1/4" depth at 5 inch per minute… I couldn’t guess the cutter RPM because it was already reverse-framing but at the feed rate, it was probably too high, too.

Industrial automation engineering
RealPars (some of the basic videos are for all engineers/tinkerers)

Random Nerdy Stuff
CGP Grey

General Knowledge
CrashCourse (these videos are high school level primers for various topics, great for remembering something forgotten or finding new things to read about)

I believe Numberphile, Sixty Symbols, Computerphile, Periodic Videos and more are a joint project between the University of Nottingham and Brady Haran and all of them are great sources of general information and topical discussions.

Practical Engineering: overviews on various engineering topics, although typically with a focus on infrastructure (mainly civil stuff, but there’s been some power grid stuff lately). It might not be too interesting if you’re a civil engineer and already know most of it, but I find it interesting as a mechanical engineer.

Matthias Wandel: basically woodworking with a bit of an engineering twist. Some of the more interesting stuff is his older videos where he builds his own woodworking machinery out of wood.

I laughed hard at the Better Airplane Boarding Method. Thanks!
I just got off a plane this morning so I had just witnessed the typical silly queuing process myself.

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New discovery: Bobby Broccoli
Long format science/engineering stories.

The man who almost faked his way to a Nobel Prize - YouTube

History (mostly)

Greg’s Airplanes & Automobiles [or A & A the other way]

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There are lots of DIY channels, particularly for woodworking
Stumpy Nubs Stumpy Nubs - YouTube
Bourbon Moth Bourbon Moth Woodworking - YouTube
Project Farm - YouTube lots of comparative testing of tools, etc.

Engineering/Physics/Software not all purely technical; some are more entertaining than technical

Mark Rober - YouTube if for nothing else beside his Devil’s Toothpaste videos
Steve Mould - YouTube
Dave's Garage - YouTube random computer stuff
Adrian's Digital Basement - YouTube for those nostalgic about Commodore 64s and the like
New Scientist - YouTube
Peter Nachtwey - YouTube long time Mathcad user
MATLAB - YouTube
Microsoft Developer - YouTube
AlphaPhoenix - YouTube
Matt_Parker_2 - YouTube stand up maths 2nd channel