The Sleep-Over

My son is a 15 year old cowboy.
Not a wanna-be, a real seasoned cowboy.
He started riding a miniature horse when he was 5 years old.
When he was 6 years old, he could saddle his horse by himself and knew when it was time to get off and tighten the cinch.
He has worked at rodeos since he was about 8, chasing out calves and ponies.
Usually for free admission, sometimes he was paid as well.
He has ridden in cattle round-ups, he has roped and dragged calves to the branding pit and has branded calves with a red hot branding iron.
With this background, one of his friends from High School Rodeo invited Will to spend the weekend.
They will have a chance to practice team roping (one rider ropes the steer’s head and the second rider then ropes the steer’s hind legs) and a local rancher will be branding calves (the calves are roped by the hind legs and dragged to the branding pit).
Which brings us to the unique challenges of a cowboy sleep over.
Friend lives 110 miles away.
Will took two horses.
Fortunately friend’s brother met us half-way.
Here is the transfer:

I’m not sure yet if I have to go all the way to pick him up on Sunday or if we will meet half way again.
Here’s a picture of Will pulling a flank strap off of a bucking pony.
Kids as young as 6 years old are riding these mini buckers.
The little black mare that Will is riding is 36" high at the shoulders.
Will was 11 that year.


Awesome Bill! Thanks for sharing.

I had a friend in grade school who was a cowboy. I went to his place a time or two, but never over night. I got to ride his horse! Then came Junior High School, and we grew apart. Back in the day, he was a force in the rodeo. He was the SRA Champion in Bareback Riding in 1982.

You must be proud of your boy as I am of mine, it’s great when they take to something and make a go of it. My boy started Tae Kwon Do at 4, is now nearly 12 at graded at Black / Red belt, the result of hard work and dedication 3 - 4 classes per week. - Black / Red belt the is the highest for under 15 years of age

He has recently involved himself with a local AirSoft gun club and taken to it very easily, much to the dismay of some of the adult members, as he is small and very quick on his feet he tends to give the big guys a run for their money - " bloody hell , shot by a kid again" but the senior guys love him and treat him like an equal which he enjoys.

Congratulations, Artisi.

That’s so cool!