TheBlacksmith is in the house

I continue to be amazed by what others see in me. I’ve just been keeping my head down, doing what needs to get done. Dave pulled me in as an insider (Round Table) over at Eng-Tips, which I haven’t been to lately. Guess I should check that out. Then I got a Vice-Presidents award with a nice bonus. Now Doug has invited me here. Unfortunately my work IT is blocking this site.

My employer classifies me as ElectroMechanical; I’m a jack of all trades and master of none on large Navy generators.

I’ll just keep on working and helping where I can until I retire in the next few years.


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Welcome Smitty… hope you have fun. It’s just starting up… I don’t know what type of ride you’re in for.


Ditto the welcome… You need to help us pump some iron and help us get this site moving! Get involved and tell others about it!

I’ve visited eng-tips a couple of times in the last year. Does anyone know when eng-tips started to change. I sensed something about it, back then.


Dik, it felt like about two years ago - people started getting mean and posting rude or inappropriate things, and not giving a d*mn who they hurt by that. It was grew more argumentative and chest-pounding so I walked away, too. Although it almost feels like it was a reflection of society’s behavior in that time, too. Rudeness unleashed.

Only been there a couple of times in the last while (I don’t know how long it’s been), but, actually posed a note yesterday. Definitely not the same site; I somehow missed the nastiness.


The level of respect accorded to contributors there has definitely changed. It almost feels as though you are on Facebook the way some people treat you.

I don’t do facebook either…