Tips for Learning SolidWorks

Below is a snippet from the SolidWorks blog:

SolidWorks Skills

  1. There are three documents in SolidWorks: part, assembly, drawing . SolidWorks begins with a part. A part is a single entity made up of features. When you combine multiple parts together, you make an assembly. A 2D representation of a part or an assembly is called a drawing.

  2. The first feature in a part usually begins with a 2D sketch . Always locate a centerpoint or endpoint of a sketch at the Origin. Add dimensions and geometric relations (such as equal, concentric) to fully define a sketch. Fully defined sketches are displayed in black.

  3. Locate the first component of an assembly at the Origin . Select Insert Component, Browse to select the part or assembly. Click OK (green check mark). The part or assembly will be positioned at the Origin.

  4. The SolidWorks tutorials are located at Help>SolidWorks Tutorials. I like Lesson One: Parts, Lesson Two Assembly and Lesson Three: Drawings. There are video tutorials that correspond to these lessons at in the Getting Started section…