Tips for zeroers

I don’t feel awkward in the pub. I feel at home, actually.

But there’s the problem with doctors. I was told that I ought to cut down on drinking a few years ago. And being the timid person I am, I did so.

Group pressure is sometimes hard to resist. I needed some kind of non-drinkers badge, or passport or whatever. So, here you are. In case you need one:

Expired? No problems. Read the fineprint!

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I’ll drink to that! :baby_bottle:

I love the “lost in translation” game - gallande%20aren

If you find yourself in Florida on your world travels, I’ll buy you a drink or three…the doctor said to cut down…not cut out!

Glad you’re here.


Gunnar… you just have to wait a bit… it expires at the end of the year… Happy New Year, in advance.


You appear to drink to anything… I was like that once, but, grew older… Don’t grow older.


@ SW: would imaginative be a correct word to describe Google Translate? They got the ‘card’ part right - 25% is not so bad.

Ron: appreciate that. And will keep your invitation in mind. But there seems to be a rather strong correlation between consummation and miles traveled. Any statistician would probably drink to that. Like old cars with less mpg I didn’t only cut down on drinking - but also on miles.

But I sure still go places. And I had a schnaps with the mandatory herring for Midsummer. So, if you have a Gewurztraminer or an Ostgota Sades laying around - I would not hesitate.

Dik, the fineprint says “will automatically be prolonged if the card holder behaves”. Not so sure why the qualificator (badly or well) was left out in the fineprint.

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I’ve always had a problem with behaving…