Trying to get info for a datum plane crashes Creo

I have had this problem for some years and usually just brushed it off. Now, I need to do this and it appears to be a bug in Creo2.0. If I create a datum plane, and then try to do right-click > Info > Feature, Creo crashes. Has anyone else seen this problem? I thought it might be my personal file with old remnants from Wildfire, but even if I use Creo’s default file, the same thing happens.

Using Creo 2.0 M100

Any guidance on this would be super!


When Wildfire 1 was released as pre-release version C000, I could build a cube and the software would crash when I went to complete the steps.
Info-Feature on a select plane created in Creo2 m250 works fine.
Time to upgrade.

Above is a snippet.