Turbine Design for fire-hose driven shaft


I am working on a design for a water powered drive shaft. The water source would be from a 2.5 inch diameter hose, at approx 75-100 psi. The goal would be to get 55-115 RPM from the shaft and max torque in the smallest possible handheld device. That being said, it seems my best options for driving such a shaft would be a turbine of one of three designs: crossflow vs turgo vs pelton or other… What do you think is the best drive to get these results? A pressure of at least 344 kilopascals (kPa) (75 pounds per square inch (psi)), and a flow rate of at least 300 liters per minute (lpm) (80 gallons per minute (gpm)); So we are talking about .3m^3/m @ about 75 psi. So approx 0.005 m^3/s


There was a very good paper presented at the International Pump Users Symposium about using a centrifugal pump as a hydraulic turbine. This paper was focused on using these hydraulic turbines for power generation in rural India. I would search the proceedings of the symposium at the Texas A&M Turbomachinery Laboratory site. It was presented several years ago.

Above is a snippet.

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