UG/NX VPN Access from home

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I am a NX beta tester and would like to install the beta license server on the VPN because it’s not possible to run a production version and a beta version in the same time. I have only one laptop and I don’t want to install virtual machine.


You can’t use a different port number to make it work. I’ve tried this long ago.
The license works using the ugslmd daemon. Only one copy can run at one time. So even if you create another service using a different port number, the 2nd one will fail.
Other software (non Siemens) uses a different vendor daemon, hence the ability to work at the same time. I also tested by changing the name of the usglmd executable and it doesn’t work.

Using two license files in the same folder will not work either. I’ve tested that as well and the beta license will supersede the production & give the same error message.

You need two separate computers to serve two different licenses.
The way I do this if you don’t have another computer to use as the second server is by using a Virtual Machine to serve the beta license.
This is how I use my laptop to run the normal license for my normal work, and I have a VM that launches when my laptop starts, so to the user it’s seamless.

VPN will only work if at the VPN server end, you have another computer running the license service for the beta or production license.

If you only have one computer, use Virtual Box. The OS you use is up to you, I used Windows 10, but I have access to a Microsoft Subscription so I have OS licenses.
Linux may be the answer, but as mentioned in a earlier post, I’ve no experience in setting up the SPLM license service on Linux, or even what OS is supported.