Useful Aircraft Structural F&DT Resources

Useful Aircraft Structural F&DT Resources by LiftDivergence

Compendium of Stress Intensity Factors

  • Rooke & Cartwright

Handbook of Stress Intensity Factors for Researchers and Engineeers
George C. Sih…

Damage Tolerance Assessment Handbook
Volumes 1 and 2
AD-A274 777

Crack Growth and Residual Strength Predications in Airplane Fuselages

Metal Fatigue in Engineering
Fuchs and Stephens

The Stress Analysis of Cracks Handbook
Hiroshi Tada, Paul C. Paris, & George R. Irwin

The Practical Use of Fracture Mechanics
David Broek

Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics
David Broek

Repairs to Damage Tolerant Aircraft
Tom Swift

Fatigue and Fracture of High Risk Parts
Bahram Farahmand

SIF Effects on Inspection Intervals

Closure of Fatigue Cracks at High Strains

Compendium of Fracture Mechanics Problems
NASA TM 100393

Fatigue of Fiber Reinforced Composites
Vassiloppoulos & Keller

Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics Historical Perspective
NASA TM 110310

Fatigue Loading History Reconstruction Based on the Rainflow Technique
NASA CR 181942

Phenomena of Rupture and Flow in Solids

Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics Primer
NASA TM 103591

Cracks in Mechanically Fastened Joints
(JJM de Rijck)

USAF Damage Tolerance Design Handbook
(get from DTIC)

Stress Concentration Factors
R.E. Peterson

Consolidation of Fatigue and Fatigue-Crack Propagation Data for Design Use
NASA CR 2586

Stresses in a Plate Due to the Presence of Cracks and Sharp Corners
C.E. Inglis, 1913

NASA CR-2586
Consolidation of Fatigue and Fatigue-Crack-Propagation Data for Design Use
Obtain from NTRS

NASGRO Manual and Release Notes
Obtain from SWRI website re: NASGRO

Fatigue of Structures and Materials
J. Schijve

Aircraft Structural Reliability and Risk Analysis Handbook

Analysis of Crack Arrest Toughness
AD-A193 340
GY Hahn and C.A. Rubin

Analysis of Fatigue, Fatigue-Crack Propagation, and Fracture Data
Jaske, Feddersen, Davies, and Rice
NASA CR-132332

Bulging of Fatigue Cracks in Pressurized Aircraft Fuselages
D. Chen
T.U. Delft Report LR-647

Crack Propagation Theories
Fazil Erdogan

DTD Handbook
Obtain from

eFatigue Compilation
Obtain from eFatigue on the web

Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Review
AD-A231 909

Elastic Plastic Fracture Mechanics Methodology for Surface Cracks
NASA CR-196811

FAA/NASA Symposium on D & DT
Parts 1 and 2
NASA CR 3274

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