Useful References and Books for Aeronautical Engineers (and where to find them)

There are two generations of professionals in today’s aerospace and aviation industry:

  • The young who grew up using the internet, and
  • The old who grew up using books.

I admit I’m an oldster, and love my books, but I would not have gone as far without the internet, where we can share ideas and questions with others around the world!

A short booklist for aeronautic and aircraft engineering:



Design and Loads:

Engineering in general:

A company named DARcorp has many rare books available (including some in this list).

When looking for reference books on aeronautical subjects, I have two main sources:

Everyone knows about Amazon. Alibris ties together an international network of libraries and independent bookstores that have used books to sell. I have purchased a dozen books from Alibris and every one has been in fantastic condition (keep an eye out for bargains). Abe is new to me and I’m exploring it now. Thanks for the suggestion Ussuri!

There are, though, certain texts in aeronautics that are both highly valuable, and very hard to find. Some have been independently published by their authors, therefore don’t show up through the regular search pathways. Bruhn and Hoerner are both extremely valuable and cheaper to get from the authors’ descendants & families.


More info on finding rare books here:

Another website for finding books I use is:

I believe it has been taken over by Amazon but it is still and excellent source.

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Thanks very much for the information.


The list is looking pretty good for a very short list

I would add for Part 25 Airliner related stress analysis
Structural Loads Analysis for Commercial Aircraft: Theory and Practice by Lomax


Thanks for the info and welcome to the menagerie.


I can’t agree more to the suggestion. I have Lomax’s book but not enough opportunities to use it… yet!

I thought Aeronauticals got all their books in the cloud…

you’re not wrong.
Plenty of these classic books are old enough to be out of print, making the sharing of scanned copies both convenient and less immoral (I had no desire to cheat EF Bruhn from well-earned royalties, but he’s been dead a long time, Jacobs pubs is defunct and the family hasn’t picked up the torch.)