Using relation editor backdoor to parameters

The above URL contains the entire discussion. Below is a snippet.


Read a text file into the relation editor with the parameters you want to have and make them blanks say;

description1 = “”
description2 = “”
material1 = “”
material2 = “”
mynum = 5.123

You have to have something there so it will allow you to close the editor without errors
Now cruise on over to your setup parameters editor… they are there… but can’t be edited because they are relation driven…so open the relation editor and erase the values you read in from the file… they will remain in the parameter table and can now be edited.

You can load in some dummy values if you don’t want them to be strings …myval=5…myyes = yes…same deal …delete it in the relation editor and it still remains in the parameter table…except now it’s a real number or a yes/no and can be edited.

You could have a favorites setup and store different text files for whatever you need… beats typing them in.

When you import a file into the relations editor it deletes any relations that already exist.

You can select all and copy text that is there already and paste it back in after you import your other file.

Or, open the text file in another window and paste it in, which ever is easier for you.

Or, mapkey the whole deal, write out the previous rels to a temp file , read in the new , verify then delete and then read in the temp file… it’s real picky tho , but can be done if you have enough of these to justify the extra work.