UW 11(a)(5)(b)


I’m interested in any comments you may have as to the interpretation of this paragraph.
Some folks I’ve talked with, say that in the case of a small pipe vessel where seamless pipe is used and both head seams total < 50 ft and were welded by the same welder, one spot is sufficient. I’m having difficulty in reconciling that practice with UW 52(4).


I was looking at this last week. Hartford Inspection had that very example in their “Pressure Points” publication several years ago:


See Page 2. They discuss the point about only only one “quality” shot required for both girth seams if performed by same welder and total length less than 50’.

Above is a snippet.

@TomBarsh, Thank you for providing that spot-on documentation.

Excellent info, especially for the scope of our work. Is there any way I can save this thread to a (personal) collection of some sort here @ SE?

Yes, at the bottom of each thread is a Bookmark function. I have not used it yet. Can you give it a go and tell us what you find>

Works excellent …

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