Web hotels, ISP and such

We have been using the same "Web Hotel2 for around 20 years now.

It has had its ups and downs. But now it is down for almost two weeks (problem started at night November 30th) and we have got “encouraging” messages on their status page. But no mail ever since. We could log in to our account a few times, but not able to read or send mail. We now also got to know that history (sent and received mails) seems to be lost.

To put it mildly: We are not satisfied. Actually: We are furious. But have managed to keep blood pressure at a non-lethal level. So far.

The status page is on FS Data driftstatus
In Swedish, which I know you all excel in :slight_smile:

What would you do? We want the mail function back, AND the history. The history seems to be in their system. So, I’m afraid we cannot just switch the service provider.

The whole thing started with a very unstable mail function, which got worse and worse. FS Data then started to migrate from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2019 (the difference is unknown to me) and then the whole thing just crashed. In any conceivable way.

Now, isn’t that nice? The Corona isolation first and then no email. We don’t care much about Christmas and we can still phone our friends. Snail mail works, too. So we are thrown back a few decenniums. Interesting experience - but annoying.

Kitty and I have migrated several times from various web service providers. It’s never fun.

“Web Hotel” is a new term to me, but made sense at the first reading. Sounds like the management of your web hotel decided to stop paying the exterminator, or the maintenance guy.