Welcome Aboard caoticcaton!

Please welcome @chaoticcaton to the Pub. She’s a ChE.

CC is a friend and associate. We’ve been working together many years. Her passion is Recipe Industrialization, but she’s an outstanding ChE who can carry the day in just about any area. I’m glad you are here, CC!

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Welcome to SimpliEngineering @chaoticcaton.

Recipe industrialization is a new term for me. Is that like facilitating the move of a material from R&D into a production system?

Welcome aboard chaoticcaton (man is that hard to pronounce, any back story to that handle?). I thought recipe industrialization would be what snack companies do…shrug. :grinning:

Exactly, and more! Scale-ups from small RXs to big RXs, recipe MOCs, improvements, projects, etc., etc.

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Cool, thanks for the explanation. Although I’m also partial to @btrueblood’s definition :drooling_face:

Yup, thanks for clearing that up Latex. As to the handle, I’m assuming it’s “chaotic-caton”, where caton is a surname or place name?

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Hello Chaoticcation
Welcome to SimpliEngineering

As you can see already, not everyone is very serious.
Willing to share an introduction?

Yep, like the others, the handle made me guess. A good colorful handle!
Welcome, good luck, and enjoy!

Hello thank you for the welcome words. Recipe Industrialization is actually process development just as Latexman described. I have had the honor to work with Latexman for the last 28 years of my career. He has taught me a lot, and I lean on him for help as we start to transfer new R&D products into manufacturing.


Excellent guess work. That is absolutely correct, I feel that represents me well. Caton is the surname.

Thank you , excited to be part of this vibrant community and problem solvers…

Welcome to SimpliEngineering, Chaotic Caton. What we need on this site is a little more chaos.

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