Welcome aboard Eduardo Zuin

Everyone, please welcome @eduardo.zuin to SimpliEngineering. He is an associate of mine. He helps keep one of our plants running making white, sticky stuff (latex) by engineering, troubleshooting, creating projects, oversight, etc. I think he is a great guy!

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Welcome to the forum @eduardo.zuin

If @Latexman thinks you’re a great guy, you must be crazy enough to fit in around here. Pull up a stool and pick your poison. :tumbler_glass:

While Eduardo is figuring the SimpliEngineering site out, I’ll sip on a Samual Adams Jack-O pumpkin ale I just discovered this weekend:


Have one on me Eduardo!

I recently obtained two bottles of Olmeca Tequila that I’ll be sipping on. I first had it in Germany a few years ago at a great Cuban restaurant in Cologne. Since that night I had never been able to find it locally, but my wife randomly stumbled across it a few weeks ago.